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You have a website. Now what? Until you actively promote your presence on the web, the wired world will have absolutely no way of knowing that your site even exists. No matter how beautiful, flashy, or useful a website is, without intelligent search engine marketing and active promotion for a given site, the website and its valuable information may never be found or appreciated by its target audience. We don’t like to see this happen! That’s why we offer a wide array of original website marketing services, the most important of which is highly effective web content which will get your site ranked on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and any other decent search engine.

Unlike many web designers and web developers who have little practical knowledge about getting websites ranked on major search engines, we won’t create a site for a client and then disappear, leaving them in the lurch with useless digital debris. We’ll help to attract to your site the attention it deserves. Getting your site Googled, and eventually ranked on Google and other search engines, is one of our specialties.

This cannot happen without timely relevant, frequent updates of top-shelf web content being added to your site like clockwork. We write excellent content that is always indexed by Google.

Get Googled

Would you like to be in the top ten search engine results based on a search of the most relevant keywords used to find your products or services on the web? If your website does not rank among the top 20 or 30 results of major engine queries, then you might as well not be listed at all. We can improve your rankings significantly, and we have the experience to back it up.

For example, one client site which started out with only around 50 user sessions a month was later averaging 14,000 user sessions per week, and this was gloriously reflected in the company’s revenue stream.

The generation of web traffic through online promotion practices is very site- and company-specific. Methods and tactics that work for one company may not work for another organization. One of the biggest factors is the level of saturation and/or competition in your particular field. For example, it would be much easier to achieve a number one ranking for a statement rendering company than a law firm, or to rack up impressive results for a carver of statues than a mortgage company.

The narrower the niche, the less competitive it is to rank highly on Google and the other major search engines.

For this reason, among others, pricing varies based on the needs of each individual client. Our marketing team is constantly exploring new and original means of attracting visitors to sites, and we work very closely with our clients to develop a custom strategy.

Many of our clients are enjoying top rankings on major search engines, bringing their businesses to new levels of profitability. Our techniques really can work wonders… and nowhere is this more applicable than the superb web content writing we are able to do for all clients who request this service.

Research has shown that over half (56.6 percent) of Internet users abandon their searches after viewing only the first two pages of results (i.e., the top 20 listings), illustrating the importance of being listed within the first couple of pages of search results. Get there!

Having been in the search engine ranking business for a while now, it still amazes me how organic search, or natural search, has not achieved the level of respect it deserves. Many folks still do not get the search concept much, if at all – especially when it comes to having an organic listing.

Get ranked on Google organically, naturally

An organic listing is a listing on a search result page that is not sponsored or paid; it is there of its own volition and merit. Organic search is also known as ‘natural’ because the site owner does not pay for the listing or the position on the search results page. By its very nature, one cannot pay for an organic position: it must be earned by the quality of the content itself; content has always been king when it comes to search results. Natural/organic search results are achieved by continually improving the relevant content on a given website until it is virtually best-in-class. To clarify, organic search is the portion of search that returns results by indexing pages based purely on their content and keyword relevancy, with the key term here being relevancy.

Organic rankings are accomplished by having some of the best content on your website in comparison to your direct competitors.

Search engine optimization (SEO), which is basically considered a subset of search engine marketing, is the process of maximizing the visibility that a given web site has in the organic search results. To be successful online, an organic campaign should be a part of the overall search engine marketing strategy.