Web development Dickson, Nashville TN

Intuitive, compelling web design and the development of seamless, secure integration comprising a variety of processes are the foundation of the client-focused web solutions delivered by OneWeb Dickson/Nashville web development firm.Applying our considerable design and technology expertise, we can provide the most appropriate solutions for your business.

Does your company still use a standard, static website? While static sites can continue to meet the basic needs of some organizations, the implementation of dynamic, database-driven content always makes a site much more useful, and this type of web development is no longer cost prohibitive no matter the budget.

Web design vs. web development

The difference between web design and web development is that web design refers to all aspects related to the artistic presentation of a web site. For example, elements such as font and color selection and placement of images are considered web design matters.

Web development, on the other hand, refers to those aspects of a website which cannot be immediately discerned by the human eye, but exist “under the hood.” Web development is also commonly referred to as “web programming.”

Aside from people, information is the single most valuable asset for business. At every level, in every department, for every company, information is critical. The better the information, the more successful the company and the people within it can be. Improving products and services, understanding markets, improving internal process and communication—information is the catalyst that allows people to see the best course and to make substantive change, as well as often being the deliverable itself.

More than its value to business, information is also the principle component to human knowledge and progress. By experiencing information — through any of the available senses — people are able to build knowledge. Particularly when the information is relevant and good, people are able to make better decisions, to be more effective, to be happier and to increase their well-being.

That is why information is so critical to business. The better the information, the better the business. The better the information, the better the people. The better the business and people, the more profitable the business can be.

Information design is dedicated to making information as effective as possible. Effective is a carefully chosen word here. In order to be as effective as possible, information must carefully balance a variety of factors, including, but not limited to clarity, relevance, timeliness, amplitude, volume, and differentiation.

Different practitioners and groups from disciplines like graphic design, information architecture, and writing have explicitly or implicitly laid claim to the term Information Design, or to being the best discipline for producing more effective information. The reality is that Information Design is a careful balance of those disciplines and not the domain of any one.

As information is the most critical non-human contributor to achieving business goals, and is the key component to building human knowledge and increased success, the discipline dedicated to making information as effective as possible is naturally the meta-discipline for business.